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Build Relationships, Transform Teams & Get Results.

DiSC® Assessments Reduce Workplace Frustration - Engage Your Workforce - Build and Sustain Healthy Culture



Enjoy the Benefits of a Healthy Culture

  • Fully Engaged Workforce
  • High Functioning Teams
  • Aligned Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • High Employee Retention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Growth in Profits

Leveraging industry-leading assessments we will work together to identify solutions that transform your organization’s culture.



  • Disengaged Employees
  • Dysfunctional Teams
  • Misaligned Leadership
  • Poor Communication
  • High Employee Turnover
  • Decreased Productivity
  • Stunted Profits


Insightful and interactive half-day or full-day programs that help leaders and teams get unstuck and thrive



Proven DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessments, facilitation kits, and tools



DiSC Certification, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accreditation, and Assessment Showcases


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Learning Unlimited Corporation (LUC) team for over 15 years. They strive to create a meaningful experience for their clients, ensuring they receive the best possible solutions and services. The relationship doesn’t end after the training is complete, the LUC team works to create a strong business partnership that ensures that learning outcomes are met. The LUC team are business partners, focusing on providing the right services and products when the time is right for the client’s business. I don’t just recommend Learning Unlimited, I encourage you to reach out to see how Learning Unlimited can create an outstanding learning culture for your organization.

William “Skip” Eller

Education and Development Manager
Manhattan Construction Company

The Core Leadership Skills Course was so beneficial. As a leader with 20 years of experience directing teams and initiatives, I expected the course to be a good refresher – and it was – but I also gained some new skills and strategies. The tools given in the course were concrete and able to be applied immediately. The strategies around performance conversations were especially helpful, providing sound tactics for addressing performance issues and strengthening relationships simultaneously. The facilitator was excellent, keeping our group engaged and interactive. I would highly recommend the Core Leadership Skills Course for leaders both seasoned and less experienced.

Catheryn M. Ackenhausen

Director of Learning and Organizational Development
CAP Tulsa

Learning Unlimited has been indispensable in the development of our leadership. World-class facilitation, an intimate knowledge and sensitivity to the challenges our field personnel face, and engaging and dynamic learning environments all combine to make partnering with them not only a pleasure, but essential. Their capacity to effectively engage and interact with highly skeptical audiences is unsurpassed.

Brock Fisher

Manager, Training & Development
Helmerich & Payne IDC

At US Beef our management begin leading at an early age, as is typical for the restaurant industry. We use the coaching offered by Learning Unlimited for the positions of Director and VPO. The majority of these individuals have been managing people for 10 or more years. It’s all too easy to feel like you’re now the complete package as a leader; like you’ve already experienced every challenge related to managing people and have a full repertoire of solutions. Coaching reminds our top operations leadership that they must keep learning and growing to provide the highest level of support to their teams. Learning Unlimited guides each individual through a process of self-exploration to reveal opportunities for growth as a leader and as a person.

Rick Morris

Senior VP Operations
United States Beef Corporation d.b.a. Arby’s/Taco Bueno

I have had the wonderful experience of working with Learning Unlimited Corporation, their consultants, instructors and support team.

I hired Learning Unlimited to help us get some real understanding about our people as related to our organization’s culture; particularly related to safety. The experience started with an assessment of our organization and the key people that held higher potential for wide impact and influence to functional teams. The consultants at Learning Unlimited did a great job in discovery by uncovering KPIs critical to the team’s performance. They also uncovered aspects about how we worked that were holding us back. Those deep discussions provided the bedrock for real change with Learning Unlimited developing a custom program that was in line with our values and drove actions and productivity that would meet our long and short term goals.

I would recommend Learning Unlimited Corporation to any organization that wants to grow and develop their people and strengthen their culture. Thanks, Learning Unlimited Team!

Jay Grimes

Focuss Service Group



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